Your question not answered?2022-10-10T09:39:06+01:00

If your question is not answered on this page or anywhere throughout our website please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you accept free travel passes?2019-04-17T16:05:13+01:00

Yes, we accept all free travel passes.

How do I book a seat?2019-05-03T10:30:34+01:00

To secure a seat, you must first register on our system , giving your Name and Address and contact number.
You can then ring the office and book your seat for your trips.
Phone: 046 907 4830
Freephone: 1800 303 707

Can you pick me up and drop me off outside my house?2019-05-03T10:29:04+01:00

Yes: If the service is a Door to Door service.
Not all our services are Door to Door, please call the office and we will advise of what services are in your area.

Do you have wheelchair access onto the buses?2019-04-17T16:02:53+01:00

Yes, all our buses are accessible and our drivers and passenger assistants are all fully trained.

Can anyone use your service?2019-04-17T16:02:28+01:00

Yes, the service is open for everybody to use.

Can I bring my pet on the bus?2023-08-10T07:57:53+01:00

Guide dogs and Assistance dogs accompanying passengers are permitted to travel on TFI Local Link services free of charge and without restrictions. The dog must be clearly identifiable either by coat or harness to distinguish it as a working dog and not a pet.

Apart from the foregoing exceptions, dogs’ cats or and other animals or live fowl of any description will not be carried. 

Other passengers should not approach or touch a working dog as this may interfere with the direction of command from their handler.

What are the advantages of TFI Local Link Louth Meath and Fingal?2022-03-01T10:45:22+00:00
The advantages of TFI Local Link Louth Meath and Fingal are:
  • We accept Free Travel Pass
  • We pick up door to door on request
  • If a regular service is needed in your area, we will provide one
  • We will plan our service to suit you or your community
  • We welcome new passengers
  • We appreciate feedback
  • Our vehicles are fully accessible
  • We have rigorous safety checks
  • Every seat has a seat belt
  • We have trained drivers
  • We have trained passenger assistants
What services are available?2019-05-03T10:32:58+01:00
Public service Transports from Rural to Towns that connect with other Public services such as Rail or Public Buses.
We operate a broad range of services.
These include:
  • Weekly services to access pension, shopping and hospitals etc.
  • Services to access active retirement groups.
  • Services for groups to attend activities.
  • Cinema services from rural areas.
  • Daily services to access education, employment and training.
  • Services for disability groups.
  • Individual services to access health appointments.
Who can avail of services?2022-03-01T10:48:27+00:00
Anybody – we aim to serve as many people as possible regardless of any disadvantage whether it is social, physical, economic, or geographic.
This includes:
  • Older people
  • Young people
  • Parents with children
  • People with disabilities
  • Community groups
  • People attending work
What is TFI Local Link Louth Meath and Fingal?2022-03-01T10:46:33+00:00

TFI Local Link Louth Meath and Fingal is the community transport programme service for the counties and beyond. It was established by an appointed committee (Meath Accessible Transport) under the Rural Transport Programme (RTP)

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