Your Local Bus Service

Meath Accessible Transport Project CLG is appointed by the National Transport Authority as the Transport Coordination Unit(TCU) for Louth, Meath and Fingal under the Rural Transport ‘ TFI Local Link’ Transport Scheme.

The TCU’s is with the local authorities and will devise an annual public transport plan, including rural bus services , evening services and other forms of community-based transport provision.

The purpose of the TCU arrangements is to strengthen the network of services across all three areas and improve integration with other bus and rail services.

Our mission is to provide innovative transport service models that meet the needs of all people in Counties: Meath, Louth and Fingal


TFI Local Link Louth Meath Fingal – Meath Accessible Transport Project CLG, is the Community Transport group operating in the Louth Meath and Fingal area. We are a  Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity run by a voluntary board. The company is funded under the National Development Plan through the Rural Transport Programme. The R.T.P. is the response by the government to the shortfall in available public transport in rural areas.


  • People who live off the main transport routes
  • Young people who have no access to public transport
  • People with disabilities who need accessible transport
  • Community groups with limited funding and transport needs
  • People in rural areas with limited access to health care services


TFI Local Link Louth Meath Fingal run lots of services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. These services operate between different parts of the Counties and beyond (see timetables for Louth, Meath & Fingal). Everybody can use community transport.

We provide these services using our fleet of buses ranging from an 8 seater to an 18 seater bus. All of our buses are fully accessible and are subject to rigorous safety checks. Each seat has a seat belt and we use the most modern type of wheelchair restraints. We also use private operators in various parts of the counties in order to increase capacity. All of these operators are subject to the same checks as our own buses, and must meet our safety standards before commencing work for us.

All of our services are operated by fully trained drivers, trained to a highly recognized standard. On services which require passenger assistants, our passenger assistants are fully trained to a high standard, in areas such as First Aid, Manual Handling and care and supervision of passengers with disabilities.


The services available to the community are:

  • Weekly services to access pension and shopping facilities
  • Weekly services to access hospital and health facilities
  • Services to access active retirement groups
  • Services for groups to attend activities
  • Cinema services in rural areas
  • Daily services to access education, employment and training
  • Services for Disability groups
  • Individual services to access health appointments
  • Evening Services

Scheduled regular public services: These services are timetabled services open to any member of the public and can accept Free Travel Pass. They include daily commuter trips, weekly shopping, health and pension services, twice monthly shopping services and monthly health services.

Scheduled Dial-a-Ride services: A Dial-a-Ride service is a public service, which makes available a vehicle for transport if a passenger or group has a transport need that cannot be catered for elsewhere. The Dial-a-Ride service operates on bookings only.


Advantages to using TFI Local Link Louth Meath Fingal:

  • Accept Free Travel Pass on regular services

  • Pick up door to door on request

  • If a regular service is needed in your area where possible we will provide one

  • Plan our service to suit you or your community

  • Welcome new passengers

  • Appreciate feedback

  • Vehicles are fully accessible

  • Rigorous safety checks

  • Every seat has a seat belt