Driver CPC Dates for 2020

For more information or to book the course, please phone:

087 989 0101 or 046 907 4830

or email

Confirmation, of course, will be given depending on numbers attending.

Course costs: €55

Lunch, tea and coffee included.

Free parking available.

To check which CPC Driver Modules you have completed already and which are yet to be completed, you can log in to the CPC Driver Portal here.

22/02/2020SaturdayModule 48am4pm
07/03/2020SaturdayModule 38am4pm
14/03/2020SaturdayModule 28am4pm
18/03/2020WednesdayModule 58am4pm
10/04/2020FridayModule 38am4pm
14/04/2020TuesdayModule 58am4pm
15/04/2020WednesdayModule 68am4pm
16/04/2020ThursdayModule 48am4pm
17/04/2020FridayModule 28am4pm
05/05/2020TuesdayModule 58am4pm
09/05/2020SaturdayModule 68am4pm
09/06/2020TuesdayModule 58am4pm
23/06/2020TuesdayModule 28am4pm
24/06/2020WednesdayModule 58am4pm
25/06/2020ThursdayModule 38am4pm
26/06/2020FridayModule 48am4pm
04/08/2020TuesdayModule 58am4pm
15/08/2020SaturdayModule 48am4pm
16/08/2020SundayModule 36am2.30pm
22/08/2020SaturdayModule 28am4pm
23/08/2020SundayModule 66.30am2.30pm
30/08/2020SundayModule 26.30am2.30pm
31/08/2020MondayModule 38am4pm
01/09/2020TuesdayModule 58am4pm
02/09/2020WednesdayModule 68am4pm
03/09/2020ThursdayModule 48am4pm
04/09/2020FridayModule 28am4pm
05/09/2020SaturdayModule 38am4pm
06/09/2020SundayModule 46.30am2.30pm