TFI Local Link provides door-to- door and scheduled bus services in towns , villages and rural areas.  All our services are wheelchair accessible.

See our  timetables to view what services are in your area.  If your area is not serviced , then please contact the office and let us know, we are always introducing new services and with your help we can bring a service to your community.

Cash fares are payable on TFI Local Link services. Fares for TFI Local Link services vary with single, return, student and child fares and weekly fares available. For fare structures see our table.

 Free Travel Passes are accepted on all TFI Local Link Services

To book your seat , contact our office on 1800 303707.

If you will be a regular passenger and require door-to-door , then you will need to register with us , and give your name and address so we can provide door-to-door service.

If you are using the buses at regular stops and do not need to book your seat then you do not need to register and we will not need to keep you details.