Public Consultation 2022 – Co. Louth

A Public Consultation is currently taking place for our services in Co. Louth.



Let us know what you think

How does TFI Local Link work for you?

We have started an online consultation for people to let us know how our services can work better for you.


Our services are based all over Louth and connect small villages to larger villages and towns.

Some services travel daily, and some weekly or fortnightly.


Next Month, our services are going out to tender.

To get the best out of our services, it would be great to get feedback from you.


The consultation closes on Tuesday 31st of January.

We would really appreciate your input.

How to Use the Map

  • Click on the map to get started or click here.
  • Click on the booklet above for Timetable Information or click here.
  • Zoom in to your area.
  • Click on the different lines to see each route. The routes shown are all Door-to-Door bus services.
  • Let us know your thoughts!