This grant is designed to facilitate both individuals and community groups who as a result of a lack of transport would otherwise be excluded from events and or activities that would promote social inclusion. It is not intended to be a regular public transport service.


Once Off Community Transport Services Categories Examples
Age-related Active retirement groups, day trips.
Youth Youth club trips, retreats
Integration & Cultural Integration. Minority support. Breaking down stereotypes.
Education Training courses provided by state agencies. Training provided by community groups.

Trip Examples

The local secondary school that caters for socially disadvantaged areas is planning a trip to a key cultural event. The school feels that the cost might be too high for all parents. Rather than leave some students behind the school is seeking support. On approval, the TCU organised the trip while the school collected from parents as appropriate.

A community group wishes to travel to a national event. This event will allow for full participation by individuals in their community activity/event. It would have significant well-being benefits to those who participate some of whom are new to the community. The group can raise over 60% of the cost. The TCU is satisfied that the benefits to the group are justified under the integration and cultural category and organise and support the trip financially.

How Does It Work?

Contact the TCU to apply for support for the trip.
The TCU will arrange the transport with one of our registered Private Operators.
The group will pay what they have raised to the Private Operator and the TCU will pay the Balance to the Private Operator.

How do I know if I can avail of the support

  • The transport services are once off and for time limited periods.
  • Services are to cover individuals or groups in need of support and to facilitate social inclusion.
  • Increases quality of life for those availing of the services.
  • The funding does not relate to any activity/support beyond the provision of transport services.

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Note: this Grant is subject to availability and may not be available through out the year.